[FIXED] Visual Composer not working after WordPress 4.5 Update

Quite recently WordPress released their latest version WordPress 4.5. Most you have automatically updated to WordPress 4.5 by seeing the notification. Like me, most of you have faced this problem after updating WordPress, Visual Composer (VC) not working or broken after updating. 

How to Fix Visual Composer Error after Updating to WordPress 4.5?

Update: New Visual Composer compatible with WordPress 4.5

Visual Composer has already released an update for WordPress 4.5. So you download from their site. But you have to pay. What if your Visual Composer comes within the theme or downloaded cracked one?

  1. What you have to do is downgrade WordPress to 4.4.2. Below are the steps
  2. Download WordPress 4.4.2
  3. Extract the folder
  4. Upload all the files and folders to server except the folder ‘wp-content’ and the file ‘wp-config.php’
  5. Done. Open your WordPress site now.

  • Vitor Lobão

    Just did it and worked perfectly.
    Don’t forget to also keep your wp-config.php!

    After you do this, access your home and it will give you a message that wp was updated and it need to migrate the database, in my case, that also worked out fine!

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Thanks.. but i haven’t tried it yet.. i followed your ”The lastest visual compser for WordPress 4.5” it works but not fully working like it use to… i will just an downgrade my wordpress and see how it goes. Thanks

  • Question>> should i delete all other stuff and only keep ‘wp-content’ & ‘wp-config.php’ before uploading the wordpress folders i extracted?

    • No, you don’t have to delete those. Just upload and it will ask to replace. Confirm

  • wow…. i just downgrade and it works for me.. Thanks @disqus_xyKpj3KClg:disqus and @WDudes:disqus

    • Glad to hear that. Contact us if you need any help

  • detonish

    This is not really a solution, since when you downgrade your WP installation it will be vulnerable for malware and so on.

    • @detonish:disqus There is one solution that i have posted. Check it

  • Fauzi

    Nice vroh (y)

  • Ialle Teixeira

    thanks man, its works!