How to Reset WordPress Admin Password from phpMyAdmin

Forgotten your WordPress password? You can try ‘forget password’ from the login page. But what if you don’t have access to that mail id or mail is not coming? Well, if you have access to the database of your WordPress site you can easily change your WordPress password. You can use this technique to reset WordPress admin password or even a password of a user.

reset wordpress password


Note that this method is for resetting wp password manually via database. So you will need access to PHPMyAdmin database.

How to Change WordPress Password via phpMyAdmin Database

  1. Login to phpMyAdmin from your CPanel. (It will be named as PHPMyAdmin or MySQL databases etc depending upon the hosting)
  2. Select the database of your current WordPress site. From the list of tables, select ‘wp_users‘.
    reset wp admin password
  3. You can see a long string in the column ‘user_pass‘. That is the username of each user. It is the md5 encrypted password. So the real password will not be visible.

    To reset the password with a new one, you have to create a md5 encrypted password. You can do that here: MD5 Online
    md5 encrypt

  4. Copy that encrypted string and paste it there.
  5. Done. You have successfully changed WordPress password.

Some tips for selecting password

WordPress uses the md5 hash algorithm to encrypt a password. It is one of the common hashing technique. If a someone gets the encrypted password somehow, there are a lot of online md5 decryptors available. So never use a simple password. I always recommend using a password generator that generate passwords with alphabets, numbers, special characters etc. There are also some WordPress plugins that limit login attempts and enable two-factor authentication.