Download Visual Composer 4.11.2 for WordPress 4.5

Visual Composer 4.11.2 for WordPress 4.5. Yesterday WordPress released their latest version WordPress 4.5. Most of us, including me, updated to 4.5. Since you are here, you may have faced the problem with Visual Composer. Visual composer is not working on WordPress 4.5. One of the solutions is to downgrade WordPress to 4.4.2. But that’s not a good solution. WPBakery team have come up with version Visual Composer 4.11.2 compatible with WordPress 4.5.

Download Visual Composer 4.11.2 for WordPress 4.5

Here is the download link to Visual Composer 4.11.2 compatible with WordPress 4.5

Download Visual Composer 4.11.2

  • Thank you for this! Will try it now.

    • Yes thank you @wdudes my Visual Composer is now working with WP4.5! Thank you!

      • @neilbernalfelias:disqus happy to hear that 🙂

  • nosk0ol

    Nice thanks for the quick help on this issue of WP 4.5 VC is now working properly.

    • You are always welcome

  • Thank you for this! Will try it now.

    • Good! Let us know if that worked

  • Francisco Quiroz

    I hate to register in a website just to leave a comment, but this is definitely a good reason to do it.
    Thanks a lot my friend.
    Greetings from León, Nicaragua.

    • Happy to hear those words. The commenting plugin we are using is ‘disqus’.

  • Jinav Satra

    Great work buddy! Thanks a lot for the plugin! #Cheers

    • You are welcome. All the best with your WordPress site

  • Ethel SM

    thanks a lot for a plugin!! it works.You did help me so much. Regards and a big hug from Spain

    • We love to hear those words. Happy that it helped you. Keep subscribe to our mailing list to get latest posts from WDudes

  • Francisco Quiroz

    Visual composer is working again, but damn!… I cannot use 2, 3 or more columns items per row.
    Just one column layout…
    This is by far the most catastrophic WP update ever :'(

    • No, Visual Composer 4.11.2 supports multiple columns. Check the below screenshot. Contact us through Facebook if you facing any problem. We will fix it for you free

      • dorimen

        Sorry, but 4.11.2 don’t support multicolumns option really. I choose 1/1 + 1/2 + 1/2, but it work as 1/1 + 1/1 + 1/1. If I choose other multicolumns format as 1/2, 1/2 + 1/2, 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 – nothing changing. All multicolumns variants looks as 1/1.

  • Flor Capry

    Gracias!! no suelo dejar opinión en foros, pero esta ayuda es genial!

    • Feliz de escuchar que 😉

      • Flor Capry

        El pluing lo actualizo mediante FTP? o como recomiendo la actualizacion. Gracias!

        • Puede eliminar el plugin WP existente desde el panel de administración y subir de éste, o que puede reemplazar directamente los archivos a través de FTP

  • Mark

    Thanks Buddy. Appreciate this help. Jesus bless

  • KIng Pin Games


  • Joel Zachariah

    Hey guys … i am like reeally really new to this … can somebody tell me how to upload this plugin ? I keep getting an error message … which file do i exactly upload ??

  • Toni

    Thanks Gijo! Good luck my friend! Best week and here we go! 😉

  • NgCeleb Entertainment

    Thank you so much… it works

  • Ulises Zenteno

    Amigo, thank´s… it works. ;D

    • Great. Happy to hear that

  • NexusO

    Hey Wdudes — thanx for sharing the VC update!! only problems I have is the “stretch row” and “masonry grid” stopped working (It was definately working in the previous version of WordPress. So I am not sure if WordPress 4.5.1 broke the functionality as I have updated VC and the problem still exists)

    Any ideas???

    could I possibly email you ?

    • I found that latest update of Visual Composer have some few notable changes. Its not just compatibility for WordPress 4.5. They have made some changes in ‘import templates’ too. I see that many people are reporting these issues. Maybe they will fix it soon in the next update. If “stretch row” and “masonry grid” is a must for you, I will recommend this:

  • waseem Akram

    Hey Wdudes. Thank you loads for this. works perfect. Do you also have Ultimate addon for Visual composer ? lol. Greedy me..!!

    • We haven’t added that yet. But thanks for informing us. Will add it soon

      • waseem Akram

        You are Awesome..!! patiently waiting =)

  • I don’t generally post comments. But i had to. Dude, you are awesome. Thanks alot for your help. It works super fine.

    Is there anyway, i can contact you personally?

    • Thanks dude. You have already contacted me 🙂

  • Willer Reis

    You are Amazing! It works perfectly! Congratulation. Thanks too much!! I was already thinking about downgrading!!! XD

  • shiju komath

    I tried same way But the problem i am not able to edit existing page, Also i am getting one alert on page like “Activate Your copy ” of visual composer. when i tried its take me Envato Login page . Please help on this

    • Try deleting the old plugin and upload again. The plugin is not paid one, that why it says “Activate Your copy”. But it will not affect any functionalities…

  • Felipe Maxime

    Dude, i have no words to thank you!

    • Great. Happy to hear that

  • Nahuel Sifón

    Thanks! Was looking for it to solve compatibility issue… cheers from Argentina!

    • Glad to hear that it helped you.

    • Francisco Olivari

      recien leo que sos de Argentina! te hago una consulta! hay que borrar el plugin viejo e instalar la carpeta q bajas de acá!? desde ya muchas gracias! saludos desde Bari

      • Nahuel Sifón

        Qué haces capo? Tenés que borrar completamente el plugin (o la carpeta donde está el plugin)… con que lo borres del administrador de plugins de wordpress bastaría. Luego procedés a la instalación normal como si instalaras un plugin descargado, subiendo el zip mediante el instalador de plugins.

  • Thanks so much for this! Lifesaver 🙂

    • Happy to hear that 🙂

  • Francisco Olivari

    Hello! i need to delete the old plugin and update with the one I download here!? please let me know! thanks a lot

    • Hi, you goto Plugins->Installed plugins and then delete ‘Visual Composer Plugin’. After that goto ‘Add new’ in plugins->Upload-> Select the above zip file

      • Francisco Olivari

        perfect! thanks I did it and is working fine! thanks a lot

  • ComuniKal Locri (Agenzia Comun

    i download it and cancel old plugin but it don t work. how can fix it?

    • Delete the old plugin and upload the above one

  • Thanks its working now. Thank you so much………..

    • Happy to hear that 🙂

  • Ruhina Shaikh

    hi, I am getting an error as please try again, although i have deleted the old plugin

    • Try uploading through ftp

  • Juan

    if i delete the plugin before the installing, Will i lost my post ?

    • No, nothing will be lost

  • Oscar

    Hi Dudes, I get the error 408 on my wodpress, the plugin load 100% but not finished installing, what i can do to complete the installation?

    • @disqus_ss1ll0pWci:disqus Normally php is set for 30 seconds maximum for execution. That means if your uploading takes for than 30 seconds, it will not executed. You can contact your hosting service and tell them to increase timeout in php. Or you can extract the downloaded zip file and upload it to wp-content/plugins folder through ftp.

  • Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer

    thank you very much, it worked perfectly for me!

    • Happy to hear that 🙂

  • Obrigado!

  • Дејан Котар

    Thank you

  • Andres Castro

    Thanks for share, works perfect for my

  • Divya

    Thank you so much!! It worked!

    • Have you completely deleted the old one? And what are you getting on trying to add images or videos?

  • Abigail

    Thanks for this! I was wondering why my Visual Composer wasn’t working. The update was not available through the Plug-In section which was a bummer.

    • @disqus_4kmFsBzpnn:disqus is it ok now?

      • Abigail

        Yes. It works, thanks!

  • Seed iberry

    thanks bruv. this is cool

  • Dan

    I receieved an error to state this is not the newest version, and to try with version 4,12?? Can you provide or help please?

    • ok. We will provide v 4.12 soon

  • Abigail

    I am looking for the 4.12 version also. I use the composer with the Kon/cept theme. Initially everything was ok until my website’s main page crashed last night. My host couldn’t help me. I wonder if the 4.12 may fix the problem.

    • ok. Keep subscribed. We will add VC 4.12 soon

      • Abigail

        Thank you.

  • Thanks! It works! 🙂

  • Mml Munusamy

    Hi, thank you so much.. the given version of VC is working for me

    • Happy to hear that 🙂

  • wizncali

    Thank you so much for this fix!!!

  • Ira White Bright

    reaaally thanks for your help!!!!
    greets from russia 😀

  • I used the solution listed here

    Can I update and now use this one

    Although, I am presently copying the files and not done yet with the downgrading option.